So much going on today! We start the day off realizing our amazing YouTube family is now more than 150,000 strong!!! Then it’s off to the surgeon for Mom where she undergoes a procedure to remove something from her face. Just a simple surgical biopsy to start the day, but she’s still a little nervous about the surgery.

Topped off by getting our new Smart Home security system installed and a sweet treat visit from the Moffats!


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  1. shame on the Gardeners! no celebration?!?!?!. but CONGRASTS all the same love from Canada, you guys did a nerf gun war with the Moifatts, and u guys so need to get back together with them again! i try n follow u both everyday!!!! Mindy praying your on the mend!

  2. Your 150k is more than deserving before we ALL know it you’ll be at 200K you all deserve so much more & it’s going to be so exciting when you reach it. I wish we can ALL celebrate it you all but I’ll settle for watching you all celebrating it when you ALL HIT THE BIG 200K!!! Hope your feeling better Mindy I’m praying that it comes back just fine NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!! YOUR AN AMAZING & WONDERFUL MOM!!!! God bless & if it still hurts call your doctor for some numbing medication!!

  3. Congrats Bingham family on your huge milestone, 150,000 subscribers! You deserve to celebrate! Your family is a great example to all! I have one question: can y'all adopt me?

    Mindy, I'm praying you feel better soon. Also praying the biopsy is benign!

    Hugs from warm and sunny Florida,


  4. Brandon and Mindy and the children… CONGRATULATIONS on the 150k… I am so happy for all of you… Mindy I am so sorry you're having to go through what you're going through and I know that the Lord is going to take care of everything… I will be keeping you in my prayers as I always do but I will definitely say an extra prayer… Brandon you definitely need to be the one to give any TLC to Mindy… Whatever it is that she needs… Please let RyGuy know that he has a beautiful voice… I am sorry that I am late on your watching your videos as for some reason I am not getting them… And this is my only way to watch them right now… I so enjoy watching your family it's nice to watch something pleasant and clean and Brandon you just keep me laughing it hurts on the inside because you make me laugh so hard… Yeah it is always a pleasure to see y'all and your happiness but most of all I love the way that you love God and I love your optimistic attitudes about life… And keeping everything just family-oriented… So a big great THANK YOU… GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF YOU…

  5. What a good sport you were, Mindy! Talking, driving B and B to pick up fan mail, making up the Easter Egg Hunt invites, showing us the new bathroom, all while in pain! Hope the biopsy results are good and the pain subsides soon!

  6. Hope your mouth feels better soon and the results are benign! (Benign is the good one, Branden.) I was laughing while Branden was showing us the alarm panel, thinking of summer with kids running in and out. You’re going to be hearing “front door”, “back door”, “garage door” 24/7!! 😝 This is a really great system though and you’ll get used to it talking. Hey, the doorbell is going to rat out your Secret Santa 🎅. (I can’t remember if that’s what you call it.) They’ll have to wear a disguise. That could be fun!! Lol! You just heard “front door”. Told ya! Guess next time I’ll watch the entire video before commenting. But I’m too ADD for that, I forget what I wanted to say by then.

  7. mom, Mindy, I hope you feel better girl! I know it's so important for moms jobs at home but you need to rest is okay for you to have me time once in a blue. I hope that thing doesn't come back and that you feel a lot better. Remember this if you're not okay then you can't help others so first you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of anyone else. It's okay if you're lazy resting not doing anything for a few days. it's okay mama you know you're a great great great awesome mom but I truly believe you need some time for yourself. moms jobs is the worst, and the worst part of it is that we're always worried about our kids and hubby. it's okay to be selfish once in the blue though.
    congrats on 150K!! from NJ and NY

  8. FIRST, We hope Mindy is feeling her usual chipper self by now…yeah we are a couple days behind on watching the vlogs.  AND CONGRATULATIONS on the 150K followers!!  We have a Ring doorbell and fell in love with it almost immediately so we understand your excitement. LOL  Sending love!!  Michele and Brian

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