14 294GYN Broad Ligament Fibroid: Overview and Surgical Management

Broad Ligament Fibroid: Overview and Surgical Management

Alessandra Kostolias, MD; Mireille Truong, MD

Columbia University Medical Center

Objective: The objective of this video is to provide an educational video for junior gynecologic practitioners on surgical management of broad ligament fibroids.

Method: This video presents an example of a robotic large broad ligament myomectomy in a 40yo G2P1 who presented with abdominal pain, menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea. The key steps of a robotic broad ligament myomectomy are demonstrated: 1) Safe incision of the broad ligament over the myoma 2) Enucleation of broad ligament myoma with traction and counter-traction 3) Identification and skeletonization of the myoma stalk 4) Removal of the specimen. The video will provide an overview of broad ligament fibroids, review relevant anatomy and imaging, highlight surgical techniques.

Results: The EBL for the procedure was 50cc and patient was discharged the same day.

Conclusion: This video demonstrates the feasibility of minimally invasive approach to surgical management of large broad ligament fibroids.


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