ASMR Surgical Mask Latex Gloves Soft Voice Sounds with Morrigan

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34 thoughts on “ASMR Surgical Mask Latex Gloves Soft Voice Sounds with Morrigan”

  1. Good vid…but nezt tine try using your size gloves…these sloppy big gloves on your beautiful hands kills the effect…and these probably are not real surgical gloves but examination gloves 😉 thx

  2. How come I am only finding you now? I've listened to ASMR for thel longest time and only coming across you now. Really good videos so far,
    hopefully you can keep them regualr even though you're a college professor. What is it that you teach?
    By any chance would it be different languages or just the fact that you can speak Spanish has me thinking that?
    Anyway, keep doing what you're doing.
    P.S. You're absolutely gorgeous x

  3. A beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice. What a lovely way you have about you Morrigan. Hope to see you in new videos very soon. You are just really enjoyable to watch weave your very sexy spell… A new chit chat would also be fantastic!

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