Bella Hadid wears a white surgical MASK as she takes in the sites in Japan

Bella Hadid wears a white surgical MASK as she takes in the sites in Japan

Bella Hadid has a playful approach to learning about new cultures as she travels the world for her glamorous job.

Khi v ạ Japan this week, the 21-year-old supermodel did as the Japanese did.

In several Instagram photos of the Vogue favorite can be seen wearing a white surgical mask as she takes in the sites.

The beauty said she was ‘livin’ as she ran errands in the country.

Gigi Hadid’s sister bombshell also looked at a row of Disney socks.

The former professional equestrian had no makeup and her brown locks down as she walked the streets alone.

Hadid wore a snakeskin jacket and matching slacks with a black sweater and a black purse on her shoulder.

Kendall Jenner was born and raised in the United States.

She slammed a ‘jealous’ troll who made the suggestion.

The model took Instagram to launch a scathing reply to a user who had commented on a snap of the pair calling them ‘fake b **** es’.

On Sunday, a fan account shared a sizzling snap of Kendall wearing a sheer red blouse and Bella in a silver chainmail top, putting the images side by side and asking: ‘Kenny or Bella?’

However, the lighthearted post turned nasty, when one follower commented: ‘2 fake b **** es sitting in a tree, first come the nose job, then come the lips, oh and do not forget the built in cheeks.

‘lmao y’all tripping fam, money can get you a new face but not a nicer personality which these two girls need.’

Yet Bella noticed the comments, and was quick to hit back by reasoning that the troll did not actually know either of them.

The younger sister of Gigi Hadid wrote: ‘I wish you would know either of our personalities.

‘And not only that, I wish you would only grasp a heart of your own. Blessings to you sweetheart. Jealousy is a cry for help that I wish I could help you with.

Bella has also been subjected to many conversations recently, amid fan speculation that she is the subject of ex-boyfriend The Weeknd’s new song, Wasted Times.

As Bella is passionate about horse riding, fans were quick to pull up the lyric: ‘You were equestrian, so ride it like a champion’.

Though it’s been rumored The Weeknd and Bella are hanging out once more, he hinted that the pair were not exactly on speaking terms, singing: ‘But you’ve been with me from the beginnin’ re not talkin ‘(not talkin’.) ‘

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