Brain Surgery: Surgical removal of a brain tumor metastatic melanoma

Video clip of craniotomy and removal of a hemorrhagic metastatic melanoma in a patient who presented with confusion and altered mentation. Courtesy of Dr. Farhad Limonadi MD director of neurosurgery at Eisenhower Medical Center. Edited by Camus Yu


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8 thoughts on “Brain Surgery: Surgical removal of a brain tumor metastatic melanoma”

  1. once you start separating the tumor and the normal brain tissue and it starts to get messy, i never know how you can still distinguish between regular brain tissue and the tumor. props to you!!

  2. Thank you so much Doctor for letting us see these operations.
    Because of you, I can watch my dream alive.
    I wish from the battom of my heart that I can someday do an operation like you.
    You are very smart , the details in your explaining were so clear that I understood the majority of it even if I am a just a teeneger who doesn't speak English very well.
    I don't how could you see the tumor because I couldn't.
    And another time, thank you Doctor.

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