Brain Surgery: Surgical removal of right frontal meningioma

An actual video of brain operation showing resection of a right frontal benign brain tumor known as meningioma. Courtesy of Dr. Farhad Limonadi , MD who is director of neurosurgery at Eisenhower Medical Center. Edited by Camus Yu


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9 thoughts on “Brain Surgery: Surgical removal of right frontal meningioma”

  1. I love watching these types of videos because I'm looking forwards into becoming a surgeon!

    P.s I have a question how come their isn't any audio in these types of videos?

  2. Amazing video! Thank you! Do you have suggestions on where I can find some good, more original than google search, brain scans of TBIs? I'm looking for scans, sheer injuries most importantly, and a few other interesting, different brain photos for a research project on TBI or CTE & football for my class. Appreciate any help or suggestions! It's due next week…late asking 🙂

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