Deelishis Blames New Surgical Looking Face On Makeup?

We all remember Deelishis from Flavor of Love. Well she has changed over the years. Deelishis has always been shapely but the face that she had during The Flavor Of Love is a lot different from the face that she carries now. She is criticized a lot on social media for changing her appearance but she has been adamant that although she has had work done, its never been to her face. Although she did a makeup tutorial online to show how she achieves her day to day look, something still looks a little off to us. What do you think?


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25 thoughts on “Deelishis Blames New Surgical Looking Face On Makeup?”

  1. She not 40 years old she is 44 I use to follow her on Instagram But not anymore I started to get borid because all she do is show off her body an nothing else she never make a positive videos about uplifting other women just a wast of time

  2. So what the fuk if she did have a nose-job" haters. It's her nose" she can do with it what she want. All y'all jealous ass haters" is irrelevant to her. She don't give a damn about how you think or feel about her. She don't know any of y'all.. y'all jealous ass hating hoes" is a non-factor to Her…. Y'all Bitches wish you did look as good as her. So go on and hate on her haters..😂😂. Because a hater will hate" that's for damn sure….. now I'm going to sit back and wait for the haters to start sending me their irrelevant comments. Because I for one don't give a fuk how y'all hoes feel about my comment… now bring it on haters" I'm ready😂😂😂😂

  3. As a 47 year old, professional, Black man, I must say I am tired of Black women overdoing it with the make up, surgery, and other artificial enhancements….when I get in bed with a woman, I want to see her, not what's left after everything is removed.

  4. I thought she looked just fine in Flavor of Love2 , I always thought she was pretty ( enough ) though i could also tell that she was pretty insecure throughout the show too, ESPECIALLY her mouth area…. I favor the old Deelishis 🏴

  5. Wow👃🤳👌fuck her new nose, if she was with flavaflav(yuck) I would get a whole New Identity too!! 😂😂😂😂💰moneymoves! 💯
    she looks like MJ on steroids,white on top& black on the bottom, with alot of ass! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ijs🤷smdh
    still cute & fuckable tho! 💪💋😁👅

  6. Wait! So my sisters are really out here making up their face to look like Michael and Latoya Jackson after their botched facial surgeries 😧 come on, why y'all? Why!??? A pound of make up smeared across a face that is fresh and alive, why? I thought that type of full face make up was for DEAD PEOPLE FRFR. A lot of us must really hate the skin we're in SMH 😩😟😟😞 damn shame. I am not buying it she definitely had surgery I was like who the fuck was that, the voice not even the same Wow 😬

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