Gastric Sleeve Surgery With One Little Incision

Gastric sleeve is a restrictive bariatric operation that induces weight loss by limiting your food intake and controlling hunger pangs. The surgery that may also be called as sleeve gastrectomy, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy calls for reducing the stomach volume to 20-30% of its original size.

Undoubtedly, bariatric surgery is one of the greatest advancements in treating morbid obesity and weight related problems. With the evolution of bariatric surgery came the development of minimally-invasive weight loss surgery techniques and improved surgical instruments.

Now-a-days all bariatric procedures including gastric sleeve are widely performed through a laparoscopic technique, using which a bariatric surgeon makes numerous small incisions in the belly, instead of making a long surgical cut across the abdomen, to allow passage of the surgical instruments to operate.

Laparoscopic technique is certainly remarkable, but bariatric experts have now created more non-invasive technique that allows the weight loss surgeons to perform the surgery using a single, relatively small laparoscopic cut instead of five incisions.

Sleeve gastrectomy can now potentially be done by just single incision! As opposed to the conventional multi-incision laparoscopic surgery, single incision gastrectomy is performed through one surgical cut around the belly button, giving patient more comfort during the process.

Single Incision Sleeve Gastrectomy

With a single incision gastric sleeve surgery, the surgeon is able to remove about 85% of your stomach by making just one small incision, often less than 1-inch, in the umbilicus, or bellybutton to maximize the patient’s comfort level and minimize surgical scarring and recovery time.

Single incision gastric sleeve surgery differs from conventional multi-slit laparoscopic surgery in the way that a surgeon performs the procedure. Not only this, the cosmetic results of one cut surgery are far superior to its laparoscopic counterpart because it involves one small incision in the bellybutton which is not visible afterwards.

Who’s the Candidate?

Not all patients are candidates for single incision surgery technique. The minimally invasive single incision sleeve gastrectomy is the preferred method for those individuals who:

– Are obese with a BMI of 40 or lower.

– Have not had a prior abdominal surgery.

– Do have not accumulated excessive fat in their midsection.

– Care about the aesthetic appearance of their post-surgery body


– Requires only one tiny incision in the abdomen

– Barely visible scar

– Shorter recovery time

– Less post-surgery pain

– Potentially lower risk of infection

– Minimum patient discomfort

– Less invasive procedure

– Aesthetically more pleasing

– Induces dramatic weight loss similar to gastric bands or gastric bypass surgery


– While single incision gastric sleeve surgery offers a host of benefits, it is a challenging technique in many respects.

Technically, it is a complex procedure. For surgeons, it is very difficult to examine all the organs of the abdominal cavity with only one single point of access. Placing the incision in or near the navel increases the distance between the incision point and the organ to be operated.

This single-incision surgery is not actually performed using a single incision. As a matter of fact, a second cut is always needed in order to ensure that the liver is out of the way.


Just like any other bariatric surgery, the cost of single incision gastric sleeve surgery can be extremely daunting in any First World country. Patients from the USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East and Western European Countries can avail the cost-effective single incision sleeve gastrectomy in any medical tourism destination. Recently, the trend of seeking affordable treatments abroad exploded in popularity, with more and more medical tourists from around the world moving to foreign destinations like Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Jordan in search of cheaper and trustworthy treatments.

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