How to Choose the Right LASIK Surgery Center?

The first step to carry out before deciding on a LASIK surgery is to research intensively on the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure. Only after you are convinced that this operation is strictly what you need then should you embark on the second step.

If you have decided to undergo a LASIK surgery, the next step to consider is choosing the right surgery center to ensure that the operation will be carried out smoothly. But how do you go about choosing the right surgery center? Well, here are some tips for you to consider before you go on the hunt for a laser eye surgeon.

1) The higher the experience of the surgeon, the better

It is highly recommended to choose a qualified LASIK eye surgeon with experience in LASIK eye surgery. Interact with the surgeon and ask him questions regarding the procedure. Find out about his surgical preference. Does he prefer to carry out the surgery with or without blades? Learn the differences and decide if you are comfortable with his preference.

If the surgeon does not have the right amount of experience, or you do not feel comfortable with his surgical preference, do not hesitate to find another surgeon.

2) Success rate of previous patients

The best way to judge a surgeon's level of competency is to find out about his patient and surgery success rates. Although you may not feel comfortable asking a potential surgeon about his success rates, it is still advisable that you ask him as this is a critical piece of information.

With intensive search however, you may find LASIK eye surgeons who not only willingly share their success rates with you without you needing to ask, but even post their credentials on their companies' websites.

3) Using the latest technology

Ensure that the potential LASIK eye surgery center uses the latest technology and surgical equipment as LASIK eye surgery is a highly technical field. There are constantly new methods and technology being developed to increase the chances of success and improve recovery time for the patient. Thus, the more current the technology is, the smoother your surgery and recovery period will likely to be.

4) Be careful about unrealistic promises

Do not believe the surgeon if he guarantees a perfect vision after the surgery. There is a high percentage of patients that do not attain a 20/20 vision even though their vision has been drastically improved. Be wary of surgeons who promise money back guarantee too. It is not safe to trust your eyesight in the hands of a surgeon who has verbally expressed that even if something catastrophic happened during the surgery, you can at least get your money back.

Although LASIK eye surgery has very high success rates, minor complications such as inflammation and injury to the eye flaps are common. Sometimes, you may have adverse reactions to the procedure so it's important that you follow these tips to help you choose the best LASIK surgery center you can possibly have to minimize the possibility of such occurrence.

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