Imperial College Podcast – Sept 2018: Purging polio | Medic mental health | Surgical simulations

Bees and pesticides – We discuss research into bees potentially becoming addicted to pesticides (1:03)

Drinking limits – New numbers about drinking around that world that indicate the best bet is to drink none (3:10)

Purging polio – Despite a drastic decline in cases, polio is hanging on. We find out why it’s so hard to eradicate the disease, and what’s being done to pass these final hurdles (5:06)

Medic mental health – Nearly one-in-three medical students experience depression at some point during their studies, so a team of third-year undergrads at Imperial designed a performance to let students know how to get help (10:58)

Surgical simulations – We visit the surgical innovation suite as surgeons perform a unique operation – a real medical case but on a virtual patient, allowing trainees and established doctors alike to practice their technique (16:26)


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