NDS SC-WU32-A1511 (SC-WU32-A1511) Surgical Display Monitor Screen Sales | Service | Repair

NDS SC-WU32-A1511 (SC-WU32-A1511) Surgical Display Monitor Screen is available for sales replacement service and exchange today!
The new 32 Inch NDSsi Radiance SCWU32A1511 (SC-WU32-A1511) 90R0076 G2 Display w/o Single Fiber is the industry’s first 32” surgical display to feature LED backlight technology. As part of the Radiance G2 family of surgical displays, it incorporates patented color calibration technology to ensure consistent and accurate color reproduction year after year. Factory calibrated in accordance with the BT.709 HDTV color standard, the 32” Radiance G2 display is ideal for applications such as flexible endoscopy, where color representation plays a critical role in the identification of unhealthy tissue. This display features two 3G-SDI inputs and an optional single-fiber input.


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