New Career at 40 – Time for a Change

Start Your Encore Career

When it comes to the business side of life, they say that at 20 years of age we are still trying to find our stride. At 30, most of us have found it and are on our way to a “full stride,” fully experienced at whatever we are doing.

At 50, we are confident in our abilities and knowledge that we can do pretty much what we want and be successful at it. At 60, we’re preparing for retirement.

But what about those who are looking for a new career at 40? Can you start a new career at 40? While many of us have hit full stride during our 30s, some of us start to get this itch. We want a change of scenery… a change of pace… a new career at 40, time for a change. Or a change borne of necessity.

Whatever the reason may be you can start over again and learn something new at any age, you can even start what’s called an “encore career”. Your confidence and belief in yourself is the most important part of making a successful career change at 40 or any age.

Here’s an example:

Larry has done construction work all of his life. Now, at 39, his bones are starting to tell him that maybe he should slow down a bit and start looking ahead.

It takes a little more effort to get out of bed than it used to and the knees are feeling worn, tired and arthritic.

A total change in direction for Larry would be online work. Work that skirts the title of White Collar.

When you’re changing your career at any age you must have a workable, well thought out plan and believe in your ability to reach your goals.

  • Work towards what you want to accomplish in your new career, and don’t let the fears of uncertainty distract you.
  • You need to hold onto the plan and hope and be faithful as you move on towards your daily, weekly and new career goals.

In this scenario with Larry, online sales of construction tools and equipment would be right up his alley. He has knowledge of the trade and this is not a highly skilled position.

A few weeks or months of applying himself will get him the knowledge that he needs to get started. If he were to do this he could start out with an established company and gain experience in his new found career.

Another thing that Larry can do is to get familiar with eBay or Amazon well enough to become an affiliate of theirs and earn while selling products online. Many people are doing this as more and more are working from home today. Look for the “affiliate” link at the bottom of their websites.

Affiliate marketing is a good career option to look into. It is one of many jobs on the internet, pays well for those that really apply themselves, and you can choose the field of sales in which you have the most knowledge.

If you did get to the point where selling products on eBay or Amazon would be profitable, you might need to start looking for some help taking care of your new internet business.

You would need some equipment and supplies for mailing and shipping out your items unless you hired someone to handle the shipping like Amazon as well as a business level PayPal account or something similar.

This is all online, but at this stage you are also running your own business! There are 3 things that you must have 1) a website 2) education and 3) some expert guidance and you’ll need to draw customers to your website.

Whether you do this or simply go up levels in the sales field for various companies, time is needed for a slow progression. You are starting to do something entirely new, so expect a learning curve to take place before you really start making a nice profit.

If what you are looking for is a steady and growing field of online work, the medical and computer fields have seen the most steady growth for the longest period of time. In our example Larry’s case, selling surgical equipment might be a good transition.

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