Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation with Sculptra

Butt enhancement without surgery – Dr. Shaun Parson describes a non-surgical buttock augmentation procedure involving the injectable Sculptra.

Buttock augmentation continues to rise in popularity, in response to a growing appreciation for the behind. With more and more would-be patients examining their buttock and hoping for a subtle boost, the question then becomes – is there anything that can be done sans surgery? Non-surgical buttock augmentation is a possibility, thanks to the help of a facial injectable called Sculptra.

For some, a flat buttock is genetic. For others, it gradually happens as part of aging, or as the result of weight fluctuations. With pop culture icons trending toward bigger booties in recent years, the rest of the country has become hyper-aware of the state of their backsides. In Phoenix, Arizona, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shaun Parson is often approached by patients looking to enhance their bottoms without going Hollywood huge.

“I’m geographically in an area of the country where people really don’t want the ‘From A to Z,’” says Parson. “They kind of want ‘From A to C.’ They want improvements, they want a beautification of that area, but not a complete transformation of that area.” Enter Sculptra and a non-surgical buttock augmentation.

First approved by the FDA in 2004 for restoring volume in the face, Sculptra has been around for well over a decade. Unlike hyaluronic acid based fillers, Sculptra is an injectable filler that contains a synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid. This same material is used in dissolvable sutures. It is a biodegradable substance that the body gradually absorbs. “Sculptra helps to trigger our own collagen cells to come in and rebuild, replace and volumize,” explains Dr. Parson. “It can even improve the skin tone.”

As the body absorbs the injected Sculptra, it stimulates collagen production. The new collagen restores fullness and some volume naturally to the area injected, while simultaneously improving the texture of the skin. Due to its ability to gradually stimulate collagen production, Sculptra provides a very natural, smooth result over time.

Sculptra Buttock Lift.

Think of it like a Photoshop touch-up taking place gradually, from the inside. Sculptra can smooth out dimples and restore volume to your derrière, with lasting results.


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