Non-Surgical Nose Jobs | JoannatheNurse

Answering all your questions on non-surgical nose jobs!
Before/after photos available on my Instagram @joannathenurse
Thank you for watching!


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5 thoughts on “Non-Surgical Nose Jobs | JoannatheNurse”

  1. Thanks for the insight! I've been looking into both surgical and non-surgical nose jobs these past couple of months, and this is so helpful!
    And baby Luke is the cutest thing!

  2. The photos on your insta of non-surgical nose jobs are amazing! I never realized how much change could be achieved without surgery.

    Loving these videos, and I hope they keep coming! Hearing about what you do, what training you did to get here, and how you can use those talents is so interesting. (and of course we all think Baby Luke is adorable!)

  3. You are so beautiful and your child is so cute!!!!#Goals!lol Keep up the videos i can see you getting big😊… i would like to know more about lip fillers & kybella for my double chin on volume 3😋……btw i found you from @alondradessy next time you see her tell her to let me win a giveaway already😂😂 …❤❤

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