Non-surgical & surgical endodontic retreatment combo #9

#9 previously treated with chronic apical abcess. Previous Apico years ago, sinus tract came back a couple of months before I saw the patient. We decided to do a combination of non surgical & surgical retreatment. I was suspecting a VRF on the palatal, but there was none! There was a dentinal defect on the facial though, the patient was informed of the poor prognosis, but she was very motivated to save it as long as possible. Click on the HD option of the video. I tried to include a description of all the steps. Happy New Years everyone!

Lit review: In a meta-analysis comparing success rate of traditional apical surgery (no microscope, no US and amalgam) to modern endodontic microsurgery (Microscope, US and MTA) it was 60% and 94% respectively (Setzer 2010).


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