Pass the ATI: MedSurg (Adult Medical Surgical Nursing) video 44 (Ch 43)

Pass the ATI! This video series is intended to help nursing student study for the ATI comprehensive and MedSurg exam. It focuses on the key concepts from the ATI Med/Surg (Adult Medical Surgical Nursing) Nursing book, with some tips and tricks for remembering the information. In this video: Ch: 43: Fluid volume deficit (hypovolemia, dehydration). Please offer comments or suggestions on how these videos can be improved! Also, please feel free to share these videos with your classmates 🙂


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One thought on “Pass the ATI: MedSurg (Adult Medical Surgical Nursing) video 44 (Ch 43)”

  1. Dehydration and hypovolemia
    dehydration means loss of fluid
    hypovolemia loss of fluids and electrolytes
    put the pt in shock position with elvatec legs
    showing increased hematocrit ,increased osmolarity ,increased BUN
    introduce fluids to the pt ,check capillary refill cause hypovolemia showing poor skin integrity .may be dizziness so we will pt in high risk for fall category

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