Pass the ATI: MedSurg (Adult Medical Surgical Nursing) video 45 (Ch 43)

Pass the ATI! This video series is intended to help nursing student study for the ATI comprehensive and MedSurg exam. It focuses on the key concepts from the ATI Med/Surg (Adult Medical Surgical Nursing) Nursing book, with some tips and tricks for remembering the information. In this video: Ch: 43: Fluid volume excess (hypervolemia). Please offer comments or suggestions on how these videos can be improved! Also, please feel free to share these videos with your classmates 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Pass the ATI: MedSurg (Adult Medical Surgical Nursing) video 45 (Ch 43)”

  1. Hypervolemia is critical condition showing decreased hematocrit level, decreased osmolarity level, decreased BUN
    showing also: edema, weight gain cause the excess water is settling in vascular space
    people with hypervolemia should be in high -Fowler's position, daily body weight should be maintained in the same time with the same amount of clothes,
    it is crirtical cause it may leas to pulmonary oedema which appear in dyspnea, restlessness, agitation,pink frothy sputum ,
    administer oxygen ,give morphine , diuretics ,follow body weight cause if there an increase in a week by 3 ponds we should refer to thephysican
    also pt with hypervolemia are more susceptabler to skin breakdown due to oedema so take care while dealing with them

  2. Thank you so much for all these videos. I watched them all two days before ATI and let me tell you it was the review I needed! I winded up getting a Level 2, and it would not have happened without your help! Thank you so much again. And keep up the good work! Cannot wait to watch the other overview of chapters for Medsurg. 🙂

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