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In this mixing tutorial, Reed from Local Dialect covers how to use narrow EQ bands to remove dissonant frequencies from your mix. He demonstrates the technique using the FabFilter Pro-Q 2, but the technique can be applied using almost any EQ.


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13 thoughts on “Removing Dissonant Frequencies with Surgical EQ | Local Dialect”

  1. But do you know that by doing that you are actually flipping the phase of your signal ? That is why sound engineers don't do cuts with a Q that is that narrow. The more narrow it is, the more it flips your phase and fucks up your signal, making it sound like crap in the mix. Most people I know tend to do wider EQ's, or/and filter. If I had to do that much EQ, There would be a very huge problem with the source sound. With all the cuts you did there, your sound might sound good in solo but it's never gonna work in the track.

  2. If You use a narrow Q like you did, every harmonic is going to ring.
    Second, you should not use this technique on electronic instruments. You can use narrow Qs on acoustic instruments, to remove hall ringing.
    Third: you ask 💰 for this kind of advice??

  3. "Bad Frequencies" ..thats just complete BS!! 😀
    I mean, I get the idea of manipulating or pulling out Harmonics but, that can be done much faster and easier with harmonic distortion or saturation..

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