Scalp Dissected From Surgical Perspective–Danger Layer–Raccoon Eyes–Native Scalping–Sanjoy Sanyal

Educational Video created by Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal; Professor, Department Chair, Surgeon, Neuroscientist and Medical Informatician in the Western Hemisphere.
It shows the surgical anatomy of the Scalp, harvested from a cadaver, at a level of surgical dissection that is rarely seen in real-time videos or in the dissection lab.
Many clinical concepts have been highlighted, with special surgical reference to Bleeding, Scalp suturing, Black Raccoon eyes, Danger layer, Scalp avulsion, Native America Scalping, Plastic surgery etc.
Real-time narration and relevant captions enhance the learning experience by means of a trimodal learning style approach – Visual, Auditory, Textual.
Cameraperson was an enthusiastic MD 3 student, using my Samsung Galaxy S8, with its 8 MP forward and 12 MP rear camera. He wishes you would like and subscribe to this channel. Your acquiescence in this regard is highly appreciated.
Thank you for watching. If you have any questions or comments, please put them in the comments section below. Have a nice day!


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5 thoughts on “Scalp Dissected From Surgical Perspective–Danger Layer–Raccoon Eyes–Native Scalping–Sanjoy Sanyal”

  1. The loose areolar tissue allows the scalp to move freely over it.So when the head hits against any object or something hits the head,the scap moves and thereby a translational motion is set up which prevents a direct impact of the force upon the skull and the underlying brain.

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