SURGICAL EDUCATOR – Trailer Video- How to utilise the channel utmost

SURGICAL EDUCATOR- How to utilise the Channel utmost

How to use the channel?
1. I am creating and uploading my teaching videos under 6 broad categories. They are
a. Didactic general surgery videos based on the above 18 clinical problems like Upper GI haemorrhage,groin swellings Etc.
b. Common Pediatric Surgical problems videos like Intusussception, Neonatal bilious vomiting Etc
c. Videos on Trauma Surgery like ATLS, Burns Etc
d. Short videos on Case based learning- based on the system wise like Post-op complications, Biliary tract Etc. These are useful for MEQs and OSCE exams.
e. Videos exclusively on operative surgery like open appendicectomy, laparoscopic appendicectomy Etc.
f. Short videos on Image based Questions- system wise few images will be shown and questions will be asked. I will discuss the correct answers in these videos These are useful for your OSCE exam.
2. In the playlist section of the channel you can watch all inter-related videos together as a playlist. For example in the Scrotal Swellings playlist you can watch 6 videos on various causes for Scrotal Swellings.
3. In the Clinical Surgery playlist, I have included 9 videos by Dr Ghan Shyam Vidhya, which I think will be very useful to undergraduate medical students to learn the vanishing art of the physical examination.
4. In the liked videos playlist, I have included videos on operative surgery both open and laparoscopic and other interesting videos which I think will be very useful to my viewers. Since it will take few more years for me to cover the whole curriculum, I recommend my viewers to watch these useful videos.
5. In the MCQs in Surgery playlist, I have included 12 videos by Dr Imle which consist of thousands of MCQs with answers for your practice.
6. In the Pestana’s lectures playlist, I have included 46 videos where Prof Pestana will be discussing many case scenarios system wise which are very useful for your MEQ exams.
7. I will be extremely happy, if you find my channel helpful in your pursuit of obtaining excellence in Surgery.
8.I wish you a great learning experience.

(Surgical Educator)


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