Surgical Goblin against Flobby – SCAM / CHEATING?!


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15 thoughts on “Surgical Goblin against Flobby – SCAM / CHEATING?!”

  1. Das ist mega armselig wie jeder surgical beleidigt und ich schäme mich sogar für die ganzen Nachrichten unter seinem Video. Flobby wurde komplett von allen unterschätzt und kam sogar ins Finale. Das ist doch ein mega großer Schritt in der e-Sports Szene. Warum feiert ihr ihn nicht und gratuliert ihm, anstatt surgical zu haten, obwohl er zurecht gewonnen hat.

  2. Flobby ist ein 17 jähriger Jugendlicher der noch nie in so einer e Sport Szene dabei war und er hatte ein disconnect. Gamery sagt No Remach und surg sagt Remach dann sagt Gamery auf einmal doch Remach obwohl Flobby den Sieg bekommen hätte mussen weil er vorne lag easy aber da surg unter 1000 HP am tower hatte tja dann halt nicht. Ihr könnt es nochmal besser herausfinden hier:

  3. I stand by Surgical and here is why: Surgical has always been a happy and positive soul/spirit. It is clear to say that he was brainwashed by money. We can all say that we would have ‘obviously’ given Flobby the win, but how do we know? Is money really so powerful that it can manipulate a person to do something corrupt? I do believe so. How do we know that if we were playing for a large amount of money we would not have fought for it? Surgical was brainwashed by the money, but I have heard multiple situations where good people have done the exact same thing. You can say he was “caught up in the moment”. My second point is something that I think we can all agree on: Surgical does not deserve to lose his entire career over this act; especially since he most likely is regretting his decision right now. Money has caused him to do something corrupt . So Surgical I now will give you a proposition to reattain yourself:
    1) Give Flobby the money and the trophy
    2) Announce publicly that he deserved the win, (we know you believe that too)
    3) Apologize to Flobby and to the community for allowing money to take you over.

    You will always be the greatest player in my eyes, good or bad.

    (This was originally posted on Surgical Goblin’s latest video)

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