Surgical management of choroidal detachment for dummies

This video illustrates with drawings the surgical management od a choroidal detachment. A choroidal detachment is caused by hypotony for example after trabeculectomy. It may also occur in uveitis secondary to a ciliary body insuffiency.


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2 thoughts on “Surgical management of choroidal detachment for dummies”

  1. I had a similar suprachoroidal hemorrage case which occured during iol exchange surgery in a monocular patient

    6 hours later under general anesthesia
    I placed an anterior chamber maintainer and made two radial scleral incision at superior and inferior temporal quadrant 7 mm from the limbus. After drainage the hemorrage I closed the sclera.
    I did not do vitrectomy.
    Patient ' s eye was without problem after the surgery.
    My question is:
    Do we have to do vitrectomy?
    Best regards

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