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20 thoughts on “Surgical Tech Tips Live Q/A”

  1. Damn!! I can't believe I missed it!! AHHHHHH…..Well I hope you had so much fun doing it that you will do another and I will NOT miss that one!!!…lol….Congrats on making it to 10K!!!

  2. I am a surg tech student & want to become first assist, then hopefully to PA. I love your videos, super helpful & inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to help others 😁 QUESTION: since I missed the live show. I want to specialize in trauma but have been told I need experience 1st. So what speciality would you recommend I begin with? TIA!

  3. I appreciate you answering my hand washing question. The reason I asked is because during clinicals a few of my preceptors washed their hands first, then did the arms. Their logic is sound when I asked why they don't do it according to the book, they said the hands are the dirtiest so they should have more time with the soap.

  4. I missed the stream!
    I have 2 follow up questions
    1.) Do you recommend memorizing instruments and procedures prior to starting school?
    a.) If so can you recommend legit study material (books/video series)?
    2.) On your "Day in the life" video you said it was a Saturday and only had one case and then went home. Does this happen often? What do you do if you only have 1 or 2 quick cases in a day?

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