THYROIDECTOMY- Operative Surgery

THYROIDECTOMY- Operative Surgery

Dear viewers,
Greetings from “Surgical Educator”
Because of the popular demand by viewers of the YouTube channel “Surgical Educator”, I have decided to create and upload videos on common surgeries. I have already uploaded two videos on open and Laparoscopic Appendicectomy. In this video today, I have discussed Thyroidectomy Surgery. However, these videos are not real surgeries but the theoretical aspect of operative surgery like going through an atlas of operative surgery. Along with these videos, I recommend you to watch real operative surgery videos as well and I will give a link for each surgery in the end of the video as end-cards, which I think will be very useful. This will give a very good opportunity for the surgical trainees to mentally rehearse various surgical steps in a sequential manner prior to actual surgery. You can watch the video in the following links:
Thank you for watching the videos.


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  1. Thank u sir..
    Sir, what is the treatment of choice in a young patient who had previously undergone subtotal thyroidectomy for graves disease, and has presented now eith recurrent disease with low TSH and high T4.. Radioactive ablation or total thyroidectomy??

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