Variable Height Driver in the Fully Guided Keyless Surgical Kit Instructional Video

This video will review the use of the variable height driver in the fully guided keyless surgical kit.
In the fully guided keyless kit, all of the built in keys on the drills measure 8.5 millimeters in length from the stop to the cutting portion of the drill.
The software will default to an offset of 8 millimeters and recommend a metal guide tube with a 0.5 millimeters lip to match the total offset of 8.5 millimeters on the built in keys.
Outer diameter interference of the software guide tube from adjacent teeth is perfectly fine and the software will accommodate. But sometimes adjacent teeth impinge on the inner diameter of the software guide tube requiring raising of the guide tube.
If the tube is impinging into the tissue and the guide tube needs to be raised, it can be increased from 8 millimeters to either 10 or 12 millimeters. Be aware, that increasing the offset by 2 millimeters will effectively shorten all the drills by the same amount that the offset was increased.
Once the full osteotomy depth is reached, it will be necessary to use the variable height driver to place the implant to the correct depth.
The Variable Height Driver has markings that match the offset measurement in the software. These marking are 8.5mm, 10.5mm and 12.5mm.
After completing the necessary drilling sequence, place the screw in the correct notch of the Variable Driver and place the implant.
If you raised the offset by 2mm, the screw will go into the 10.5mm slot.
Place the cover screw into the implant and suture the flap.


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