WATCH: Days After Viewers Spot Hillary Wearing ‘Surgical Boot,’ BIZARRE Video Surfaces

WATCH: Days After Viewers Spot Hillary Wearing ‘Surgical Boot,’ BIZARRE Video Surfaces

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Just days ago, Hillary Clinton was spotted in Vancouver wearing a surgical boot on one of her feet. Now, she has surfaced in a video which is beyond bizarre, and it’s left people wondering what the heck is going on with Hillary these days.

Politics hasn’t exactly panned out for Hillary Clinton. She was an embarrassment as the first lady, with her philandering husband screwing White House interns, and as a Senator, she accomplished absolutely nothing.

When she finally got former President Barack Obama to make her Secretary of State, she squandered her position by staging bogus photo-ops with Russia to “reset” our relationship and using a private email server to conduct classified business, putting our national security at grave risk.

That’s not to mention the Benghazi scandal or the fact that she traded twenty percent of the United States’ Uranium assets to the Kremlin in exchange for “donations” to her fake foundation.
Now that Hillary Clinton has effectively proven how terrible she is at politics and failed to win a presidential election twice, she’s taken to failing in a new industry: the music industry. We wish we were kidding, but unfortunately, we’re not.

A bizarre video has surfaced of the former Secretary of State in a recording studio, belting out her part in a new feminist anthem creatively titled “Song for Women.”

On Monday night’s “Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” correspondents Desi Lydic and Dulcé Sloan attempted to show off their music abilities in a video oozing with what passes for humor in liberal circles. The “epic” social justice anthem is titled “Song for Women.”

The highly-charged political song topped off its pro-feminist message with a cameo solo by none other than failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Yo Hillary Clinton, take us home,” Sloan said. The scene then cut to a recording studio, where the former Secretary of State wailed into the microphone with what looked like an expression of pain. [Source: BizPac Review]
While Hillary has seemingly left the political arena for the musical one, she still appears to be up to the same old tricks. Those who have seen the cringe-worthy video of her debut as a songstress have noticed that her singing voice is curiously unlike anything we have heard her utter before, suggesting that she was lip-syncing.

If Hillary did, in fact, use another singer’s voice, she would be guilty of rigging her own musical performance. This, after so many charges of rigging the primary election to beat Bernie Sanders.

The Daily Show knows it’s certainly been a … year … for women. And so, in its Monday night Yearly Show special, correspondents Desi Lydic and Dulcé Sloan teamed up for the appropriately titled “Song for Women 2017” — featuring special guests Hillary Clinton and DJ Mansplain.

In the video, Lydic plays the role of the white feminist who’s had an ammmmazzzzinnngg 2017, while Sloan is someone who knows just how awful this past year has been. The two sing about the crap women have had to deal with this year (sexual harassment, Trump) and also some seemingly good things that happened for women in 2017 (including the impeachment of a South Korean female politician, a step towards equality!).

Then, Clinton appears on screen to belt out her feelings, and the women eventually get interrupted by DJ Mansplain — just like real life. [Source: The Cut]
Hillary needs to fire whatever disaster of a PR person or agent allowed her to make this embarrassingly pathetic video. I would also suggest that she keep her day job, but unfortunately for her, after losing the presidential election to Donald Trump, she doesn’t have one.

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