What You NEED To Know Before Getting A Non Surgical Nose Job

I got a non surgical nose job (non surgical rhinoplasty) I talk about the before and afters , the pain and talk my consultation with Dr Yusra and what could have gone wrong if it wasn’t done by someone who is trained and qualified to do this, this is a non surgical nose job q&a.The non surgical nose job is a pain free way in which can be done in 5 minutes. I listed the many reasons why I wanted this done in this video (mainly because I got hit in the nose when I was younger and had a bump in my nose which I wanted to be straightened) Dr Yusra did an amazing job on my nose and I felt like I was in very safe hands as you could tell she knew what she was doing , this is something I’m massively insecure about and I’m very happy with the results, Dr Yusra is very talented at what she does and if you are thinking about this procedure then I would highly recommend Dr Yusra’s clinics which are in London and Liverpool , she does also allow people to fly over from other countries. The filler used was juvederm filler and the non surgical nose job includes injections in the nose to make the nose smaller and slimmer.

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