Why Are Mini Face Lifts Very Popular Nowdays?

Mini face lifts are also known as weekend lifts. The reason for this is that you can easily recover from the procedure in just a couple of days. The aim of the method is to improve the key areas of the face with less cost and stress as opposed to the usual procedure. It is able to correct little sagging of the cheeks, neck and jaw line. It is a great alternative, together with VI peels, for all those people who are experiencing the initial effects of aging but want to avoid going for intensive surgical processes. People are suffering from the signs of aging on their faces at as early as 30 years of age. For them, mini face lifts are ideal as the signs of aging are minor. The procedure focuses on particular areas like the folds around the nose and neck.

Small incisions are made with the help of the technology of endoscopic face lift to reposition the tissues of the face so as to make the face look resculpted, tauter and firmer. Typically, the problem areas are minor sagging in the areas of the neck, jowls and cheeks. When you get a standard lift done, your overall appearance is enhanced as the wrinkles and sagging all over the face is reduced. There are limits to mini face lifts . For example, this kind of surgery is not able to address the brow or forehead. But significant results will be seen in the lower area of ​​a face. This procedure is known as low stress as it is less invasive unlike the brow lift or complete lift. A device known as an endoscopic wand is made use of like a long tube. The required surgical instruments are inserted through it. The surgeon will make small cuts around the face in the areas that need addressing. He will insert the endoscope in the cut. A tiny camera is inserted benefit the skin as well so as to help the surgeon see what is to be done.

Full face lifts require major surgery. Mini face lifts are called weekend lifts as the patients are discharged immediately without undergoing too much of stress or pain. The cost is not at all prohibitive making this technique accessible to nearly every one. Without doubt, standard techniques are most effective but many patients are not comfortable shedding a lot of money for solving minor issues. As the process is not complex and the surgery does not take much time, it is performed very quickly. Less anesthesia is required and period of recovery is also less as compared to traditional surgeries. Patients are also able to leave the clinic in a short time after the surgery is complete. These are all the factors that keep the expenses on this surgery low as opposed to the traditional brow lifts and face also. Mini face lifts are safe. It is very rare for complications to arise. Some people tend to scar easily than others but the scars could have been hidden by an expert surgeon.

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